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Idaho Transportation Department - Resource Center

Resource Center


Nestor Fernandez (Resource Center Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8488
Alice Askarnia (Resource Center Admin. Asst.) Phone: 208-334-8480

Engineering Subject Matter Experts

Bryan Martin (Development & QPL Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8442
Clint Hoops (Concrete/Structure Engineer) Phone: 208-334-4415
Greg Mead (Mapping) Phone: 208-334-8474
Lotwick Reese (Hydraulic Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8491
Mark Wheeler (Pavement Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8887
Patti Fanckboner (QPL Program Coordinator) Phone: 208-334-8440
(Railroads) Phone: 208-334-8492
Ted Mason (Geometric Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8500
Tri Buu (Geotechnical Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8448


Ned Parrish (Research Program Manager) Phone: 208-334-8296
Brenda Wynn (Admin. Asst.) Phone: 208-334-8046
Inez Hopkins (Sr. Res. Analyst - Resource Library) Phone: 208-334-8226


Sue Sullivan (Environmental Manager) Phone: 208-334-8203
Brad Wolfinger (Stormwater Program Coordinator) Phone: 208-334-8163
Caleb Lakey (Staff Engineer) Phone: 208-334-8518
Dan Everhart (Architectural Historian) Phone: 208-334-8479
Marc Munch (State Hwy. Archaeologist) Phone: 208-334-8449
Michele Fikel (Sr. Env. Planner, D-3 & D-4 Liaison) Phone: 208-334-8478
Rhona Brown (Cultural Resource Specialist) Phone: 208-334-8089
Victoria Jewell Guerra (Sr. Env. Planner, D-1 & D-2 Liaison) Phone: 208-334-8588
Kate McManus (Architectural Historian) Phone: 208-334-8746
Vacant (Sr. Env. Planner, D-5 & D-6 Liaison) Phone: 208-334-8477


Karen Merrick (Right-Of-Way Manager) Phone:
Ada Finlayson (Admin. Asst.) Phone: 208-334-8506
Andrew White (Titles) Phone: 208-334-8509
Barbara Waite (Condemnation) Phone: 208-334-8522
Carmen Reese (Relocation) Phone: 208-334-8508
Cindy Smith (Appraisal) Phone: 208-334-8517
Dennis Wagner (Procedural Review) Phone: 208-334-8504
Greg Graybadger (Appraiser) Phone: 208-334-8514
Vacant(Utilities) Phone: 208-334-8473
Janet Brown (Property Management) Phone: 208-334-8511
Jim Thomason (Appraisal Review) Phone: 208-334-8249
Midge Kline (Negotiations) Phone: 208-334-8515
Nancy Patrick (Right-Of-Way Agent) Phone: 208-334-8507
Rick Bachmeier (Appraisal Review) Phone: 208-334-8513
Zane Lathim (Right-Of-Way Agent) Phone: 208-334-8510

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