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Railroad Safety Program Coordinator
(208) 334-8492
  1. Manages ITD’s Rail Safety Programs funded with federal-aid and state funds from the State Railroad Grade Crossing Protection Fund.
  2. Partners with railroad owners and Idaho Operation Lifesaver in the goal to increase safety at rail-public highway crossings.
  3. Assists Districts and local road entities in dealing with railroad owners on projects that encroach onto railroad property and/or operations.
  4. Supports Districts with composing and reviewing contract documents including railroad construction and maintenance agreements.
  5. Provides subject matter expertise to Districts and other entities as requested. This can include payments for project construction costs, resolving design/construction issues, and issuance of Utility Change Orders during project construction.
  6. Manages statewide computerized database programs (Utility/Railroad Agreement Tracking System), and rail-highway crossing inventory records as required by the Federal Railroad Administration and/or Federal Highway Administration.
  7. Reports to the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration and ITD’s Board as required or requested.
  8. Provides training to ITD’s personnel and other entities involved with railroad safety projects or rail-highway crossing inventory procedures.
  9. Reviews and updates railroad policies and legislative rules.
  10. Researches and provides information for incorporating innovative railroad technologies and techniques.
  11. Provides information to assist ITD attorneys against lawsuits involving public rail-highway crossings.

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