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Planning's Mission:

Our mission is to manage integrated highway and corridor planning tools and processes for implementing short- and long-term transportation system planning goals.

Our mission is accomplished by:

From farm-to-market roads to Interstates, Idaho's highways, roads, and streets are vital to the state's economy. The state's agriculture, forestry, commerce, tourism, and recreation industries are dependent on good transportation facilities.

One of the greatest challenges facing Idaho''s transportation system is how to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and ever changing economy. Currently, Idaho is the fourth fastest growing state in the country. It is estimated that Idaho will see a 56% increase in population between 2010 and 2040 at twice the national average. With the increase in population, we will continue to experience record numbers of vehicle registrations and vehicle miles traveled each year. Thus, transportation planning is critical to ensure mobility for all users; compatibility with the environment; preservation of community assets; provide for flexible funding schedules; and increase flexibility and responsiveness to our users. Moreover, by integrating the current and future transportation system with land use at all levels of government, ITD aims to maintain the quality of life all Idahoans have come to expect.