Project Scheduling System

The PSS is a system which allows project managers to create, update, and track project schedules and their documentation using Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Web App. It contains ITD-specific tools and templates for creating projects, including customized work breakdown structures, electronic project charters, and issues & risks logs, along with numerous reporting capabilities.

To access the PSS, click here. External users will need a VPN license and user login.

By Summer 2014, ITD intends for every Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP) project to be incorporated within the PSS.

ITD Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

ITD developed a customized work breakdown structure to use in conjunction with the PSS. This creates standardized activity naming conventions which allows for tracking and reporting on activities across all projects. Every project in the PSS is required to use the ITD WBS as a basis for the schedule.

For further information on ITD's WBS, please refer to the following documents.

Electronic Project Charters

Electronic charters are used to document the progress of a project throughout its entire project lifecycle (Evaluation, Development, and Implementation Phases). These charters are created in the PSS using Microsoft Project Web App. Project Charters are now required for every ITIP project. For information about creating, updating, and archiving electronic project charters, please refer to the Project Charter Instruction Manual.


The Planning Services has developed PSS training materials in multiple media formats. For more information about PSS training, please contact Rod Reed.

Rod Reed
Project Manager
(208) 334-8439