Project Management Academy

ITD's Project Management Academy (PM Academy) is now being offered throughout the state. The PM Academy, developed by ITD staff, contains a series of courses covering industry standard project management techniques that have been adapted to specifically apply to project management at ITD. The curriculum contains skills, methods, techniques, and tools applicable to the life of a project, from evaluation through implementation phases.

The PM Academy is an essential course to take for anyone involved in managing ITIP projects. From Project Managers to subject matter experts, design, and construction staff, all employees can gain valuable information by attending the PM Academy.

Core PM Academy Courses:

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. ITD Project Management Life Cycle
  3. The Planning & Evaluation Phases
  4. The Development & Implementation Phases

Advanced PM Academy Courses:

  1. Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  2. Professional Service Agreement Management
  3. Risk Management

The PM Academy is offered both internally to ITD staff and externally to outside consultants and agencies actively managing ITIP projects. To find out more information about locations, dates, times, and enrollment, please contact Trish Whitney

PM Academy Contact
Trish Whitney
(208) 334-8840