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ITD 02721   (Rev. 5/01)  

Volunteer Services Program Agreement Terms and Conditions

The Idaho Transportation Department, hereinafter called ITD, and , hereinafter called Volunteers (whether a volunteer group or volunteer individual), recognize the need and desirability of using volunteers for ITD-approved activities not associated with the Adopt-A-Highway Program and enter into this Agreement.

By submitting below, the Volunteers, both jointly and severally, agree to the following terms and conditions:

General Information

  • Volunteers act as an independent contractor when participating in the Volunteer Services Program.

  • Volunteers agree to obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety and such terms and conditions as may be required by the District Engineer or headquarters supervisor.

  • Volunteers shall be required to sign a release form before participating in the Volunteer Services Program.  Release forms will be provided to Volunteers after application approval.

  • Volunteers younger than 18 years of age must have a separate release form signed by a parent or guardian before participating in any Volunteer Services Program activity.  Release forms will be provided to Volunteers after application approval.

  • No Volunteers shall be denied the opportunity to participate in this program because of race, sex, color, national origin, or disability.

  • No Volunteers that promote racial intolerance or harassment is eligible to participate in this program.

  • Volunteers are prohibited from either possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while participating in the Volunteer Services Program.

  • When Volunteers are younger than 18 years of age, the volunteer group shall furnish supervision with a minimum of one adult for every 10 participants.

  • Volunteers required to operate ITD vehicles as part of their volunteer duties shall obtain an ITD-2033, Driver Permit, by completing an ITD-1211, Supervisor's Authorization for an ITD Driving Permit (including Vehicle Operation Guidelines).  Volunteers shall be subject to the same rules and regulations as ITD employees when operating ITD vehicles.  The Employee Safety/Risk Management Section shall process and issue the Driver Permit.

Roadside Service

  • Volunteers shall be required to attend a safety meeting.  For volunteer groups, the contact person shall conduct the meeting.  Volunteers not part of a group shall obtain and view a safety video from the District Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator before participating in the program.

  • All Volunteers should be aware of the possible presence of dust, exhaust fumes, plant pollens, pesticides, hazardous materials, etc., on roadsides and shall not pick up syringes, needles, dead animals, and materials that appear to be toxic, hazardous, or contaminated with blood or urine.

  • Volunteers shall be responsible for maintaining a first-aid kit and adequate drinking water while participating in the roadside activity.

  • Traffic control signs shall be used for roadside activities.  Signs shall be obtained from ITD and properly set up prior to any roadside activity.

  • Volunteers shall wear ITD-supplied safety vests during roadside activities.  Volunteers picking up litter shall be responsible for placing litter in trash bags furnished by ITD.  The bags shall be tied and placed on the roadway shoulder for pickup by ITD.

  • Supplies and materials shall be obtained from ITD during regular business hours and returned to ITD within one week following the roadside activity.

Responsibilities of ITD

  • ITD will provide safety vests, trash bags, traffic control signs, and safety literature for the use of Volunteers participating in roadside activities.

  • To the extent possible, ITD will remove filled trash bags from the roadsides the first ITD workday following the litter pickup.

  • ITD will provide wildflower seed and site marking flags for pre-approved participation in Operation Wildflower.

  • ITD will supply materials required for effective graffiti removal.

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