ITD 02868 (Rev. 5/01)  

Idaho Adopt-A-Highway Program Agreement
Terms and Conditions

The Idaho Transportation Department, hereinafter called ITD, and , hereinafter called the Volunteer Group, recognize the need and the desirability of litter-free highways and are entering into this Adoption Agreement.

By submitting below, the Volunteer Group, both jointly and severally, acknowledges the hazardous nature of the work and agrees, both jointly and severally, to the following terms and conditions:

ITD agrees to accomplish the following:

Additional terms and conditions

The Volunteer Group acknowledges and agrees that if any actions by the Volunteer Group relative to the performance of this agreement  are determined to be contrary to any legislative restrictions on the use of appropriated funds for political activities or ITD policy, rules, or procedures, ITD shall have the right to take any and all necessary remedial actions, including, but not limited to, the removal of the Adopt-A-Highway signs displaying the Volunteer Group's name or acronym.

If, in the sole judgment of ITD, it is found that the adopting Volunteer Group is not meeting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, upon 30 days' notice ITD may terminate the Agreement and remove the Adopt-A-Highway signs.  This Agreement may be modified in scope or altered in any manner at the sole discretion of ITD.  ITD reserves the right to modify or cancel the Adopt-A-Highway Program at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of ITD.

ITD and the Volunteer Group both recognize and agree that in no event shall ITD have the right to control the Volunteer Group in performing the actual details of picking up of litter from the section of roadway adopted by the Volunteer Group and, in picking up litter, the Volunteer Group shall act as an independent contractor.

ITD recognizes (volunteer group name) as the adopting Volunteer Group for the following roadway section: and the Volunteer Group accepts the responsibility of picking up litter in this section of highway at least two times per year and promoting a litter free environment in the community for a period beginning , 20, and ending , 20.

Authorized Contact for Volunteer Group: