Winter Driving Checklist
Winter driving checklist can help motorists stay safe on the roads
For Idaho motorists, winter driving is a necessity. Drivers can help ensure safer travel by preparing themselves and their vehicles for the cooler months ahead, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

But even the most cautious driver should carry some essential items in the car in case of an emergency. Use a plastic crate or a large, heavy canvas bag to store the following items in the trunk of your car:

  1. Flashlights with extra batteries
  2. First aid kit with a pocket knife
  3. At least one blanket
  4. Extra set of mittens, socks and a wool cap
  5. Small sack of sand or cat litter for generating traction under the wheels
  6. A small shovel
  7. Bottled water
  8. Booster cables
  9. Canned fruit, nuts and a non-electric can opener

A winter car kit helps ensure a driver's safety, but vehicles also need attention at the start of the winter season. The American Automobile Association advises drivers to prepare their vehicles for the winter season by having a mechanic check the following items:

  1. Battery
  2. Antifreeze
  3. Wipers and windshield washer fluid
  4. Ignition system
  5. Thermostat
  6. Lights
  7. Flashing hazard lights
  8. Exhaust system
  9. Heater
  10. Brakes
  11. Defroster
  12. Oil level (if necessary, replace existing oil with a winter grade oil or the SAE 10w/30 weight variety)
  13. Install good winter tires