Studded Snow Tires

Studded snow tires legal from Oct. 1 to April 30

Snowstorms may not be part of the immediate weather forecast, but Oct. 1 marks the date for legal use of studded snow tires in Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

While it may be legal to use the tires, officials advise against it unless conditions warrant. Studded tires are snow tires with small metal cleats embedded in the tread, and may cause undue wear on bare roadways. Idaho’s studded snow tire season continues through April 30.

Studded tire laws vary in neighboring states:

·         Montana:           Oct. 1 – May 31

·         Nevada:             Oct. 1 – April 30

·         Utah:                  Oct. 15 – April 15

·         Oregon:             Nov. 1 – March 31

·         Washington:     Nov. 1 – March 31

·         Wyoming:          Legal all year

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