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Course 3 - The Planning & Evaluation Phases

Audience: ITD Project Managers

Duration: 1 day (estimated)

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the processes involved in the ITD Planning Phase and understand the ICAPS planning process.
  • Identify the processes involved in the ITD Evaluation Phase.
  • Understand the business requirements for the ITD Evaluation Phase.
  • Use various project management plans and understand their benefits.
  • Use the available project management templates in the ITD Project Scheduling System (PSS).
  • Create a project schedule.
  • Utilize PSS reports for resource loading and to facilitate conversations with the respective resource managers.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Review: ITD Project Phases
    • Team Exercise
  2. The ITD Planning Phase Process
    • Planning Phase Activities
    • Planning Requirements
    • Transportation Investment Modeling Processes
    • ICAPS
    • Long Range Planning
    • Corridor Planning
    • Modeling
    • IPLAN
    • Schemes
  3. The Evaluation Phase
    • The Evaluation Phase Process
    • Initiation Stage
      • Project Organizational Chart
      • Define Evaluation Phase Roles and Responsibilities
      • Roles and Responsibilities for Key Stakeholders
      • Defining Expectations for Specific Team Members
      • Class Exercise
    • Planning Stage
      • Evaluation Development and Implementation Phases WBS
      • Project Manager Creates Initial Schedule
      • Project Scheduling System
      • Project Management Plans
      • Communication Management Plan Example
      • Risk Management Plan Example
      • Issue Management Example
      • The Evaluation Phase Kick-Off Meeting
    • Execution, Monitor, and Control Stage
      • Overview of the Project Charter Workflow
      • Project Charter Workflow: Evaluation Phase
      • FHWA Evaluation Phase Work Program
      • Create the Project Charter
      • Case Study: Sample ITD Project Charter
      • Change Management
    • Closure Stage
      • ITIP Approved
      • Lessons Learned
      • Lessons Learned - PSS
  4. In Summary
    • Review Key Concepts - Planning Phase
    • Review Key Concepts - Evaluation Phase
    • Preview of the Next ITD PM Academy Course
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