ITD Announces the 2012 Excellence in Transportation Award Winners

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Transportation Planning

Project: State St. Transit & Traffic Operational Plan

Submitting Firm: Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Project Description:

Project Description: Ada County Highway district, City of Boise and Valley Regional Transit partnered to lead the State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan to develop an integration transportation and land use plan for the corridor, Identify and prioritize roadway, transit and land use improvements and provide local agencies, stakeholders and the public with steps to achieve an integrated corridor vision.

A complex model evaluated five traffic alternatives in a three tier process.

Public participation was enhanced using both community and technical committee input for public open house meetings.

Contributing Agency

Key Personnel

Design: Small Project

Project: I-84, New York Canal Modeling & Mitigation

Submitting Firm: Horrocks Engineers, Inc.

Project Description:

I-84 bridge modifications that span the New York canal induced wave oscillations at the newly installed bridge piers and erosion along the eastern canal bank. Harrocks Engineers lead a collaborative team, which included the Utah State University Water Research Laboratory, Boise Project board of Control and ITD hydraulics resources to model the observed wave oscillations, the canal erosion impact and develop erosion solutions.

A scale physical model precisely simulated the wave phenomena. An innovative, nose-cone shape was added to the bridge pier leading edge, which completely eliminated the oscillation and the canal erosion.

This $600, 000 solution was well below budget and exceeded client expectations

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Design: Large Project

Project: I-84, Ten Mile Interchange

Submitting Firm: H.W. Lochner, Inc.

Project Description:

H.W. Lochner, ITD and the City of Meridian worked together to integrate the project design with the City’s comprehensive plan, exiting residencies, increasing land use values and stakeholders expectations. Lochner accelerated the right-of-way acquisition, environmental review approval and final design.

Lochner analyzed six interchange types to determine the best value design to meet stakeholder expectations.

The innovative Single-point Urban Interchange reduced the footprint, minimized right-of-way impacts, environmental considerations, while improving traffic efficiency.

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Project: Topaz Bridge

Submitting Agency: District 5 - ITD

Project Description:

This project spanned many sensitive areas, it utilized flexibility and innovative design techniques to accomplish the project with minimal disturbance. Major project challenges consist of simultaneously maintaining the mainline railroad, US-30 highway traffic and the Marsh Valley canal using construction phases, while constructing bridge approaches over unstable ground prone to differential settlement and soil liquefaction.

An innovative use of geo-foam achieved a net-zero loading, which formed an economical bridge  approach foundation.

The project opened ahead of schedule in September 2009.

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Public Participation

Project: Eagle Road Improvement Project

Submitting Firm: RBCI

Project Description:

RBCI and ITD and produced the Department’s first ’online’ public meeting with a live question and answer session. Several creative techniques to engage the public include using QR codes to communicate information electronically.

Eagle Road project exemplifies RBCI and ITD’s joined ability to successfully gather input and conduct community education about Eagle Road’s safety improvement needs.

RBCI’s efforts during the development of the Eagle Road Improvements has set the Department up for a positive transition into construction.

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ITD Career Achievement

David R. Amick
Manager of Transportation Investments

Dave began his career with ITD over 32 years ago. He started in Personnel and then promoted to Office of Highway Safety and eventually promoted to Manager of Highway Programming in December of 1993. This move afforded him many opportunities to be innovative in adapting to the changing needs of the Department while promoting and mentoring those under his tutelage. Some of Dave’s career achievements include:

Dave has been an asset to the department and his expertise and familiar face will be greatly missed!

ITD Professional of the Year

Mary Harker
Chief Human Resource Officer

Mary’s career with ITD began over 30 years in the area of Human Resources. Some examples of her leadership and commitment to the department include: