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ITD Announces the 2010 Excellence in Transportation Award Winners

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Maintenance and Operations

Project: 511 Traveler Information Services
Submitting Agency: ITD, Office of Highway Operations and Safety

Project Description:
Development work on the Idaho 511 Traveler Information System began in 2005 and has continued each year as new enhancements are identified and prioritized. The 511 system provides traveler information (road driving/construction/weather conditions, camera images, AMBER alerts, trucker information, detours, etc) over the telephone (Call 511 or 1-888-432-7623) and on a website (

The 511 team joined the existing CARS 511 Pooled Fund to share developmental costs with partner states and take advantage of existing contractual relationships. The team has also coordinated with ITD's Office of Communication and Canyon County to develop 511 web pages for both transit services and construction projects that are scheduled to launch in early 2010.

    Contributing Firms
  • Castle Rock Consultants
  • Idaho Health and Welfare
    Key Personnel
  • Alison Lantz (ITD-OHOS)
  • Tony Ernest (ITD-OHOS)
  • Kathy Bessey (Idaho Health and Welfare)
  • Bryan Smith (ITD-OHOS)
  • Peter Davies (Castle Rock Consultants)
  • Kristin Virshbo (Castle Rock Consultants)

Public Participation

Project: I-84, East Project Kiosk
Submitting Agency: The Langdon Group

Project Description:
The Langdon Group (TLG) was selected to lead the public involvement for five GARVEE transportation projects in a 9-mile corridor of I-84 in Boise in early 2007. As part of their efforts, TLG teamed with POWER Engineers to develop a kiosk located at the Boise Airport to advise travelers of construction impacts on I-84.

The kiosk, located on the Airport's ground level near the baggage claim, is the result of a partnership between ITD and the City of Boise. The kiosk features interchangeable panels for photos and project descriptions that are updated to highlight the latest construction activities and project schedules. It includes a 50-inch plasma TV monitor which plays a continous loop of ITD public service announcements and computer animated Vista Interchange SPUI simulation.

The kiosk was launched in June 2009 and has been instrumental in getting information to thousands of travelers regarding improvements to I-84 East. It is anticipated to remain in place through late 2010.

    Contributing Agency
  • ITD - Office of Communications
    Key Personnel
  • Bryant Kuechle (The Langdon Group)
  • Stephanie Bennett (The Langdon Group)
  • Lance Giles (Connecting Idaho Partners)
  • June Sparks (ITD - District 3)
  • Dave Tuttle (ITD - Office of Comm.)
  • Jason Pfaff (Power Engineers)


Project: I-84, Vista Interchange: Idaho's First Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
Submitting Agency: Stanley Consultants

Project Description:
The Vista Avenue Interchange on I-84 is a major point of access between the airport, the City of Boise and the region.

Coordination with key stakeholders was vital to the project's success. Any short-term closures of Vista Avenue were coordinated with ACHD and the Boise Airport. One-on-one meetings were conducted with the affected utility companies to expedite decision making and cost determinations.

    The new Vista Interchange encompasses the following transportation benefits:
  • Reduces delays and allows concurrent left turns for greater capacity
  • Accelerated traffic movement expected to play a positive role in reducing emissions
  • Wider and longer on and off ramps to I-84 enhances safety
  • Pedestrian sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes improve user experience
    Contributing Agencies
  • GARVEE Office
  • Connecting Idaho Partners
    Key Personnel
  • Bob Jacobs, PE (Stanley Consultants)
  • Rex Hansen, PE (American Geotechnics)
  • David Aizpitarte (Bionomics Environmental)
  • Phil Hartsfield, PE (Corven Engineering)
  • Karen Doherty, PE (HDR)
  • Terry McEntree (Central Paving)

ITD Career Achievement

Kathleen Slinger, P.E.
ITD Bridge Inspection Engineer

Over Kathleen's 27 year career at ITD she has faithfully served Idaho by ensuring our bridges are operated safely and efficiently.

In her role as the State Bridge Inspection Engineer, she has managed the bridge inspection program for the last 19 years and has provided visionary leadership and mentoring to ITD employees.

Kathleen worked through several tumultuous bridge inspection periods in this country. Her perseverance through periods of increased scrutiny has strengthened the public's trust in ITD as a dependable state agency and economic partner. Kathleen's ongoing efforts have immensely strengthened the bridge program in Idaho.

Kathleen brings endless drive and determination to the job everyday through her efforts as a leader, colleague, and steward of the bridge inspection community. Specific examples of her efforts include:

  • Having served on several AASHTO Committees as a chairperson and representative for Idaho to work towards advance national programs and initiatives in the bridge inspection field
  • Rising to the challenge of implementing new federal policies, programs, and procedures while developing innovative ways to partner with external agencies so that all parties benefit to ensure bridges are safe
  • Acting as an advocate and role model for women engineers at ITD and having participated in the organization’s EIT Mentoring Program by serving as a mentor from 2002-2008 to three EITs

A special thank you to all parties that submitted applications for the Idaho Transportation Department’s 2010 Excellence in Transportation Awards.


ITD, Office of Highway Operations and Safety ~ 511 Traveler Information Services
The Langdon Group ~ I-84, East Project Kiosk
RBCI ~ I-84, Vista Interchange Project
RBCI ~ US 95 and Idaho 55 Corridor Studies
Stanley Consultants ~ I-84, Vista Interchange: Idaho’s First SPUI
WH Pacific ~ I-84, Franklin Road Interchange


Danny Davis ~ District 3-Banks Maintenance Foreman
Mary Harker ~ HQ Human Resource Manager
Robert Linkhart ~ HQ Utility Agreement Coordinator
Patricia B. Raino ~ Former Intermodal Planning Manager (retired)
Kathleen Slinger, P.E. ~ Bridge Inspection Engineer

Your efforts to go the extra mile to ensure that your transportation plans, processes, and products demonstrate excellence and reflect the needs of the communities that we serve are much appreciated. Thanks to you, we now have even more examples of exemplary transportation projects across the state of Idaho.

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