Threatened and Endangered Species

Yellow Billed Cuckoo
Steelhead Trout
MacFarlane's four-o'clock
Canada Lynx

The program examines highway impacts on species listed under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and works with the Idaho Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and others for the purpose of preserving, protecting, and enhancing the state’s natural resources while operating, maintaining, and improving the state’s transportation system.

Wildlife, fish, and sensitive plants require consideration during project planning and development. Areas of concern include:


Current Fish & Wildlife Services Idaho Listed, Proposed & Candidate Species

9-17-12 Listing - Summary of Changes

ITD Procedures for Candidate Species

Map of Selkirk Mountains Woodland Caribou Critical Habitat

See also the ITD Environmental Process Manual, Section 1000

The Cooperative Agreement with ITD, FHWA and USFWS for Biological Evaluations/Assessments can be found in the ITD Environmental Process Manual. Go to the end of the Table of Contents links for Section 300 and find Exhibit 300-6, Programmatic Agreement.

Wildlife Crossing Database is an innovative tool that identifies the proximity of wildlife safety hazards. This tool was honored as the 2009 recipient of the Exemplary Ecosystem and Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives presented by the Federal Highway Administration.

For more road ecology information, please see the FHWA Wildlife Crossing Guide. This document prepared by the Western Transportation Institute is a handbook for design and evaluation of wildlife crossing systems in North America.

FHWA Award

Archived Information

Gray Wolf - FHWA Programmatic Determination