District Environmental Staff

The District staff has knowledge in a broad range of areas including environmental analysis, threatened and endangered species, traffic noise, air quality, stormwater, wetlands mitigation, and permitting. They work directly with local, state, and federal agencies, along with the public in avoiding or minimizing project impacts. The planners prepare and coordinate environmental documents in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Below are the Environmental specialists located at the six districts of the Idaho Transportation Department. You may reach them by phone or simply click on their name to send an email.

District 1 - Environmental Section (Coeur d’Alene)
Mike Hartz Sr. Environmental Planner (208) 772-8018
Charlie While Environmental Planner (208) 772-1230

District 2 - Environmental Section (Lewiston)
Shawn Smith Sr. Environmental Planner (208) 799-4268
Neal Scott Environmental Planner (208) 799-4250

District 3 - Environmental Section (Boise)
Greg Vitley Sr. Environmental Planner (208) 334-8952
Nick Petersen Environmental Planner (208) 332-7164
Chris Branstetter Environmental Planner (208) 334-7192
Scott Rudel Environmental Planner (208) 334-8329

District 4 - Environmental Section (Shoshone)
Connie Jones Sr. Environmental Planner (208) 886-7824
Dan Armstrong Environmental Planner (208) 886-7832

District 5 - Environmental Section (Pocatello)
Alissa Salmore Environmental Planner (208) 239-3312

District 6 - Environmental Section (Rigby)
Tim Cramer Sr. Environmental Planner (208) 745-5602

Additional assistance for Environmental concerns may be found at Headquarters. Please see HQ Environmental Staff.