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ID Required for Registration/Titles
North American Permanent Trailer Plates

Pre-Registration Information
   Licensing Prerequisites
    Fee Chart, Idaho-Based Carriers (.pdf)
    Starting a Trucking Business in Idaho (.pdf)

Full-Fee Registration
    Full-Fee Registration Information
    Full-Fee Estimated Mileage Guidelines form (pdf)
    Full-Fee Registration Renewal  <<<Online>>>
    Full-Fee Online Renewal Instructions (pdf)
    Full-Fee Instructions and Application (pdf)
    Installment Agreement (pdf)
    Installment Calculation Worksheet - ITD-4881 (pdf)
    North America Permanent Trailer Plate Application (pdf)
    Idaho Annual Trailer Registration Application (pdf)

International Registration Plan (IRP)
    IRP Registration Information
    IRP Requirements Form (pdf)
    IRP Schedule 'A' Instructions and Application (pdf)
    IRP Schedule 'B' Application (pdf)
    IRP Schedule 'G' Mileage Guidelines (pdf)
    Average Per-Vehicle Distance (APVD) Chart (pdf)
    MVS Express (if not approved for access contact
    Motor Carriers (208) 334-8611
    Non-Idaho Based Fee Tier Refund Application (pdf)
    Non-Idaho Based Sold/Wrecked Vehicle Refund Application (pdf)

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
    Online filing, procedures, and instructions
    Idaho UCR Fact Sheet(pdf)

     2013 Idaho UCR Application ( pdf version for mailing or faxing)
     2013 Idaho UCR Application Instructions (pdf)

     2014 Idaho UCR Application ( pdf version for mailing or faxing)
     2014 Idaho UCR Application Instructions (pdf)

     2015 Idaho UCR Application (pdf version for mailing or faxing)
     2015 Idaho UCR Application Instructions (pdf)

Online Motor Carrier Services

Other Information  / Links
   Commercial Driverís Licenses
   IRP, Inc
-Performance & Registration Information Systems Management-
NORPASS Transponders
-North American Preclearance and Safety System-

Hazardous Materials Endorsements
    Hazardous Materials Endorsement Fact Sheet
    Application Form (pdf)
    Hazardous Materials Endorsement <<<Online>>>
    Hazardous Waste Permits - call Motor Carrier
    (208) 334-8611

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

    Motor Carrier IFTA Application (pdf)
    File IFTA Quarterly tax Returns, Renewals, &
    Decal Reorders <<<Online>>>