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Consultant Administration Unit

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) uses consultant-engineering services as an integral part in accomplishing the department's goals to provide a safe and efficient transportation system in Idaho.  The consultant work force is considered an extension of the Highway Division performing the same tasks and procedures as ITD personnel.   

It is the responsibility of the Consultant Administration Unit (CAU) to provide assurance of compliance by monitoring transactions and procedures relating to consultants performing professional engineering services.   All professional services agreements for project development and highway improvements connected to a highway project must be processed  through the CAU.       

All currently scheduled highway projects are listed on the Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP).  Click here for more information. 

 Consultants are utilized by selection from the pre-approved list of consultants (Term Agreement), or through individual project solicitation.  Click on these links for:  The Term Agreement Solicitation and the Individual Project Solicitations.


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