Publications and Tools

ITD publishes several publications and tools which highlight safe walking and riding techniques. Please follow the links below to obtain your copy or to learn more about the program.

Bicycling and Walking Safely

Idaho Street Smarts
This publication includes valuable information on how to ride safely on public roads. Due to copyright issues this publication is only available in hard copy. Follow this link for an electronic copy of Street Smarts. Please note that the electronic copy is not tailored to Idaho code.

Walk Smart
This publication provides tips and techniques for walking safely as well as legal information from the Idaho code. Hard copies are available to eligible organizations sponsoring safety and education-related events. Follow this link to find out more about the application process:

Rules of the Road
The Rules of the Road education cards are a must for anyone who likes to walk, bike, or drive on our roadways. To order the cards, please click on the graphic to the left.

Walkability Checklist
Use this checklist to decide if your neighborhood is a friendly place to walk. If you find problems, there are also suggestions to make things better.

The ITD Highway Safety Office also has several other educational publications about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Follow this link to find out more about available publications:

The following statewide initiatives are designed to encourage safe bicycle and pedestrian mobility. Please click on the category that interests you to find out more information:
Bicycle Commuter Guide - this publication provides key tips on how to commute by bicycle including information from the Idaho code, tips on biking in inclement weather, tips on riding in traffic, how to outfit your bicycle and tips for general bicycle maintenance. Click here to download a pdf and here to request a hard copy.

Bike Buddies - you've probably heard of car pooling, but what about finding a partner to ride with to work? Click here to find out more information about the Bike Buddies program.


Communication Strategic Plan
The Communication Strategic Plan includes key messages for specific target audiences and suggested tactics for local communities, organizations, and individuals.

Toolbox for Bicyclists and Pedestrian Counts
Throughout Idaho, people want a variety of options for traveling to and from work, school and other everyday destinations. These transportation options include biking and walking. Biking and walking are enjoyable, affordable and easy activities that provide many health benefits. For all these reasons and more, addressing the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians is an important part of our transportation system.

Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a policy document which establishes a statewide vision, goals and strategies for a long-range planning program throughout the state of Idaho. The plan includes a vision/goals, action strategies, and a list of relevant policies, design standards, and statutes. This plan was completed in 1995 and should be updated soon.
Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update Page!
Communication Strategy Plan
The Communication Strategy Plan is a guide to help local advocates effectively communicate about bicycle and pedestrian mobility. This plan includes a description of target audiences, key messages and applicable tools. In addition, the plan includes specific action items assigned to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, but the tactics described in this document are applicable to all individuals and groups trying to advance bicycle and pedestrian mobility.
Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Guide
The Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Guide includes a catalog of funding opportunities for local communities that provide or want to provide transit, bicycle and/or pedestrian services and infrastructure in Idaho. While this document does list opportunities, it should not be considered an exhaustive search of everything that is available.
Idaho Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Study
The Idaho Transportation Department has completed a statewide bicycle and pedestrian study which is the initial phase of the upcoming update to the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The study recommends initiatives toward important goals and objectives for Idaho’s future as well as identifies steps for state and local agencies to achieve statewide strategic objectives.
Bicycle Level of Service Tool - (73.1 MB)
Bicycle Level of Service - (Excell)
Bicycle Stress level - (Excell)
Bicycle Stability Score - (Excell)
ITD Training Presentation - (PowerPoint)
Research Report - (Pdf)
Route Planning

Other statewide planning

Follow this link to find out more on what ITD is planning.

Looking for additional resources?
ITD also maintains a Bicycle and Pedestrian Library. This library, which is periodically updated, includes links to recent publications on a variety of topics including information about planning for bicycle/pedestrian mobility. Click here for the Library Catalog.

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Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update Page!

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