The Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

The ITD Pedestrian and Bicycle Program provides technical assistance and expertise to state government agencies, local governments, organizations and private citizens with planning, designing and constructing pedestrian and bicycle programs and facilities. The ITD Bicycle and Pedestrian Program is organized around the 5 Es of bicycle/pedestrian planning and coordination.

  1. Develop and distribute educational materials about bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility
  2. Support locally sponsored programs with technical information and materials
  3. Highlight/host training on best practices
  1. Promote statewide programs that support commuting by riding or walking (including connections to transit)
  2. Highlight the benefits of healthy and active transportation choices
  3. Support locally sponsored programs and events with technical information and materials
  4. Provide information about route planning
  1. Provide technical assistance within ITD and to local communities related to the review of bicycle/pedestrian facility design, construction, and maintenance
  2. Provide information on best practices
  3. Highlight/host training on the best practices
  1. Raise awareness of Idaho code/relevant laws
  2. Partner with law enforcement community
  1. Maintain the statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (see below) that outlines goals and priorities
  2. Work with local governments to identify potential funding sources for projects.
  3. Provide technical assistance to local communities for bicycle and pedestrian planning

This program is supported by the Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.
For technical assistance or bicycle/pedestrian expertise on specific projects/programs, please contact the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at or 208.334.8272.

Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a policy document which establishes a statewide vision, goals and strategies for a long-range planning program throughout the state of Idaho. The plan includes a vision/goals, action strategies, and a list of relevant policies, design standards, and statutes. This plan was completed in 1995 and should be updated soon.
Other statewide planning
Follow this link to find out more on what ITD is planning.
Local Planning
In development. If you know of a local planning effort that should be listed here, please contact the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.

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