Definition of eligible dependent changes
for group insurance, medical-dental plans

Effective July 1, the definition of an eligible dependent in the Group Insurance medical and dental plans will be changing. The new definition will be as follows:

Eligible dependent means:

(1) The spouse of the Enrollee and/or

(2) the children of an Enrollee or Enrollee's spouse, up to their 26th birthdays, unless the dependent child(ren) are eligible to enroll in their own employer based group coverage.

The term "children" includes natural children, stepchildren, adopted children, or children in the process of adoption from time placed with the enrollee. The term "children" also includes children legally dependent upon the enrollee or enrollee's spouse for support where a normal parent-child relationship exists with the expectation that the enrollee will continue to rear that child to adulthood

However, if one or both of that child's natural parents live in the same household with the enrollee, a parent-child relationship shall not be deemed to exist even though the enrollee or the Enrollee's spouse provides support.

Enrolees who have dependents that meet the new eligibility criteria and would like to enroll them for coverage effective July 1, must submit an application no later than June 30. Applications submitted July 1, 2011 or later will have an effective date of the first of the month following date submitted.

Anyone who has questions about the process should contact Group Insurance at 332-1860 or toll-free at (800) 531-0597.
The information can also be viewed at:

Published 6-10-2011