Board schedules Wednesday workshop before business meeting

The Idaho Transportation Board will focus on the design-build construction concept, ITD’s Vehicle Investment Program (VIP) and the FY 2012-16 Capital Investment Program during a workshop that precedes Thursday’s business meeting in Boise.

The Wednesday workshop will be at the District 3 office on Chinden Boulevard. Thursday’s meeting in the Headquarters auditorium, is open to the public.

Recent legislation enables ITD to solicit and award contracts using the design-build and construction manager/general contractor methods. At the workshop, the team, comprised of staff and partners from the Federal Highway Administration and the consulting and contracting industries, will report on the status of implementing the alternative contracting methods.

Other states have used design-build successfully. It reduces project delivery time, increases flexibility for innovation and reduces change orders and claims. The ITD team established selection criteria to identify projects to build with the alternative contracting method. Considerations include project suitability; the availability, capability and experience of potential firms; department resources, including employment of outside consultants; and other criteria the department deems relevant.

The team has more work to do before the first design-build or construction manager/general contractor method can be implemented, including developing alternative delivery administrative processes and procedures.

The proposed FY13 budget request also will be presented and discussed at the workshop.

Highlights include:

  • The revenue to the Highway Distribution Account is projected to increase less than 2 percent, as no significant improvement in the Idaho economy is expected until at least 2013.
  • A request of $25.4 million will be made for replacement equipment, including $12 million for the buy-back program and $1.1 million for computer equipment.
  • The capital facilities request is $2.85 million, including $50,000 for airport improvements.

Other workshop topics include a review of the Vehicle Investment Program, an update on federal funding discussions, the draft FY2012-16 Capital Investment Program, and an overview on fleet specifications and the bidding process.

Business meeting topics

Performance Management System
An update on the performance management system will be provided to the board Thursday.

The intent of the new system is to align individual goals with the organizational goals. It will standardize the rating criteria, establish accountability for timely appraisals, enable supervisors and subordinates to co-contribute progress documentation, and provide a simple, straightforward tool.

Some of the expected outcomes and results are clearly understood expectations, visible results from contributions and continuous improvement in the talent and skills of the workforce.

A procurement document needs to be written for the Performance Management System, and then a vendor will be selected through the competitive bidding process. Completion of the project is expected by February 2012.

Revisions to Board Policy B-09-06, State Highway System Adjustments
Revisions to Board Policy B-09-06, “Adjustments to the State Highway System” are being proposedIn to improve coordination with local public agencies on state highway system adjustments when new alignments or alternate routes are being considered.

Language is being incorporated into the policy instructing ITD staff to negotiate with the appropriate local public agency on the relinquishment of the old route before approving the new project in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). This will enable staff to negotiate with the appropriate local road jurisdiction when ITD has leverage, which is before an alternate route or bypass is constructed.

Rule revisions
The Division of Motor Vehicles will propose a number of rule revisions.

Because of legislation, the Rules Governing Vehicle Dealer’s Principal Place of Business are being revised to allow vehicle dealers to store records electronically or in hard copy, and provides for the off-site storage of records. Other changes also are being proposed, including the reference to telephone requirements. The archaic provision requiring a “hard-mount” telephone is being eliminated.

The Rule Governing Revocation of Registration for Failure to Comply with Emission Inspection Ordinance is being repealed. Legislation enacted in 2011 eliminated the department’s authority to require repayment of registration fees for vehicle owners whose registration had been revoked for failing to obtain an emission test.

Other rule changes include new requirements, such as:

  • A fee for certain on-line accident prevention course providers requiring approval from the department;
  • Disallowing the issuance of a driver’s license in one name and an identification card in another name;
  • Definition changes to Rules Governing Definitions Regarding Overlegal Permits; and
  • Adding exemptions for "implements of husbandry" to Rules Governing Oversize Permits for Non-reducible Vehicles and/or loads based on recent legislative changes.

Published 6-10-2011