ITD plans 25 highway construction projects in eastern Idaho

RIGBY - Maintaining and preserving the condition of the state's highways and bridges will be the focus of 25 construction projects planned for eastern Idaho this year, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

"With a limited construction budget, we are concentrating our resources on maintaining our existing roads and bridges," Idaho Transportation Department District 6 Engineer Blake Rindlisbacher said.

Here's a list of the region's projects:

Bonneville County

Idaho Falls to Ririe - Crews will seal coat and apply striping on the 10-mile stretch of U.S. 26 rebuilt last year between Idaho Falls and Ririe. The $13.2 million project replaced the existing two-lane highway with four lanes and added center- and right-turn lanes at county road intersections. Construction was from Beaches Corner (junction of U.S. 26 and Idaho 43) to the intersection of the Ririe business loop (115 East in Bonneville County). Seal coating involves spreading new asphalt over existing pavement and then adding a layer of crushed rock. Seal coating protects pavement from weathering and adds traction. ITD usually seal coats roads between June 15 and Aug. 31, when road-surface temperatures are 80 degrees or above.

Idaho Falls to Bingham County - Eighteen miles of U.S. 20 resurfaced last year west of Idaho Falls between Cinder Butte Road and the Bingham County line will be seal coated.

Idaho Falls Area Overpasses - Overpasses on Interstate 15 at Exit 113 (South Interchange) and Exit 116 (Sunnyside Interchange) south of Idaho Falls and on U.S. 20 at Exit 311 (St. Leon Interchange) and Exit 318 (County Line Interchange) northeast of Idaho Falls will be resurfaced.

Idaho Falls Area Signs - Highway signs on I-15 and U.S. 20 in the Idaho Falls area will be replaced to improve visibility of information for motorists.

Rainey Creek Bridge - The Rainey Creek Bridge on Idaho 31 in Swan Valley will be completed by resurfacing the bridge deck, applying highway markings and seeding shoulders.

South Fork Snake River Bridge - The deck of the South Fork Snake River Bridge on U.S. 26 west of Swan Valley will be resurfaced and the bridge rail will be replaced.

Butte County

Browning Bridge - Crews will replace the Browning Bridge, which spans the Big Lost River on a county road southwest of Arco. ITD plans to complete the structure and approaches by mid-August.

Clark County

Dubois Rest Area - Crews will finish rebuilding the I-15 rest area in Dubois, upgrading it for year-round operation. In the past, ITD closed the rest area during winter months to prevent freezing inside the building. Considered a gateway facility, the rest area will include a visitor's center, which is the fourth such center in the state.

A-2 Clark County Road - A 1.5-mile stretch of the A-2 Clark County Road east of Dubois between milepost 4 and 6 will be resurfaced. The contractor will use a construction method known as Cement Recycled Asphalt Base Stabilization(CRABS), which consists of pulverizing the road surface and then adding cement to the old asphalt. Crews then compact the mixture on the roadbed and use it as the base for a layer of new plant mix, which is asphalt and crushed rock blended together.

Custer County

Yankee Fork Ranger Station to East Fork Bridge - Crews will resurface a 10-mile stretch of Idaho 75 between the Yankee Fork Ranger Station and East Fork Bridge, which is 18 miles southwest of Challis.

Fremont County

South St. Anthony to Twin Groves - Crews will resurface six miles of U.S. 20 between the south St. Anthony exit (344) and Twin Groves, and repair the railroad crossing near Exit 344. ITD awarded HK Contractors Inc. of Idaho Falls the $4 million contract, which will start this spring. The major project will involve breaking up and settling concrete pavement in a process known as "crack and seat." Crews then will overlay the road base with plant mix.

Jefferson County

Menan‑Lorenzo Interchange - Crews are completing the Menan-Lorenzo Interchange on U.S. 20 north of Rigby. Suspended for much of the winter, construction resumed in mid-March. Work started on March 15, 2010. The $10 million project is scheduled for completion in August 2011.

Menan Canal Bridge - The Menan Canal Bridge south of the Menan-Lorenzo Interchange at milepost 325 on U.S. 20 will be resurfaced.

Roberts to Sage Junction - Crews will seal cracks, overlay and seal coat 8.5 miles of I-15 from Roberts to Sage Junction.

Roberts Area Signs - I-15 signs south of Roberts will be replaced to improve visibility of information for motorists.

Rigby U.S. 20 Business Loop - The U.S. 20 business loop in Rigby between the south Rigby interchange (Exit 320) and the north Rigby interchange (Exit 322), on State Street, Main Street and Farnsworth Way will be resurfaced.

Idaho 48 Intersection - Workers will build left-turn lanes on Idaho 48 at its intersection with 4200 East (East Milo Road) two miles east of Rigby to improve traffic safety and flow.

Lemhi County

Salmon River Bridge in Salmon - Crews will finish upgrading the Salmon River Bridge on U.S. 93 in Salmon, resurfacing the deck, replacing the sidewalk and installing railing on the south side of the bridge. Railing will include a pedestrian rail between the sidewalk and bridge deck and a 42-inch-high fence on the edge of the bridge.

Madison County

North Rexburg to South St. Anthony - Crews will resurface three miles of northbound U.S. 20 between the north Rexburg interchange (Exit 337) and the Madison-Fremont county line (milepost 340) and six miles of southbound U.S. 20 between the north Rexburg interchange (Exit 337) and the south St. Anthony exit (344). The department awarded Western Construction Inc. of Boise the $5.3 million contract, which will start in mid July. This major project also will be a "crack and seat" job.

Teton County

Trail Creek Bridges and Moose Creek Bridge - Crews will complete work on two Trail Creek bridges and one Moose Creek Bridge, which the transportation department built last year on Idaho 33 southeast of Victor. Work will include finishing bridge surfaces, applying road markings and seeding shoulders.

Driggs Main Street - Crews will rebuild Idaho 33 (Main Street) in Driggs, replacing curb and gutter along two blocks of town and improving highway pavement north and south of the municipality.

Driggs Bike/Pedestrian Path - A north-south multi-use pathway along Idaho 33 in Driggs will be built.

Tetonia to Wyoming - Crews will resurface 21 miles of Idaho 33 between Hatches Corner south of Tetonia and the Wyoming line.

Driggs Intersections - To further improve traffic safety on Idaho 33 in Driggs, crews will build left and right turn lanes on the busy highway at its intersection with Valley Center Drive and Rodeo Drive in town.

Slope Stabilization

Crews will remove loose rock from slopes along highways in eastern Idaho, especially on U.S. 26 above Palisades Reservoir, and install wire mesh used for retaining rock on the mountainside.

ITD urges motorists to drive with caution near construction zones. Orange highway signs with black letters or symbols and orange flags indicate construction ahead.

Drivers should anticipate merging traffic, uneven surfaces, construction workers and equipment.

The Idaho State Police reminds motorists that fines double for traffic violations in work zones.

Questions? Visit us online at, follow ITD on Twitter (IdahoITD) or Facebook and check travel conditions at or dial 5-1-1. Please slow down in highway construction zones and be attentive. Safety -- for drivers and workers -- is our highest priority.