EIT Testimonials

Some of ITD´s most successful employees and leaders began their careers as EITs

Loren Thomas, P.E.- Assistant Chief Engineer (Development)

I entered the EIT Program in 1979 in District One (now District Five). I had the opportunity to work on construction projects across most of southeast Idaho, which included county roads, urban construction, Interstate construction and the design and construction of several maintenance facilities including the district shop and supply buildings. Working with city, county and state projects gave me a great insight into what would become "context sensitive solutions and practical design" later in life. The opportunity to work in the development, maintenance and construction was a great learning experience.

Throughout my EIT experience, I found friends & mentors in the districts and headquarters assignments. The experiences I had as an EIT exposed me to the various aspects of civil engineering and taught me a lot about working with people and staff. My assignments as an EIT included district traffic, right of way, maintenance and construction. During my Headquarters rotations, I gained additional experience in Maintenance, Materials, Management Services (currently Planning) and Personnel. This experience has allowed me to progress throughout my career. My first position licensed with ITD was back in District Five as a Resident Engineer; which was followed by Assistant Maintenance Engineer in Headquarters, Assistant District Engineer in District Four, District Engineer in District's 3 &4, Roadway Design Engineer and my current position as Assistant Chief Engineer (Development).


Andrea Paroni Storjohann, P.E. – Assistant District Engineer, District 1

I entered the EIT program at the Idaho Transportation Department in the summer of 1987 while a temporary employee of the Department working in the Wallace Resident Engineer’s office. I had been hired as a temporary employee to be a geotechnical inspector for the large anchors that were being drilled into the hillside for retaining walls so the I-90 viaduct could be built through Wallace. It was a new geotechnical application for Idaho at the time so it was interesting to be a part of the project. We had many visitors because of the "newness". At that time, there were four EITs assigned to the northern District (District One) and best part of the EIT experience, I think for all of us, was to be a part of challenging large construction projects as I-90 was completed across northern Idaho.

I have spent most of my career with ITD in Operations – primarily construction and maintenance. I really enjoy the constant challenges both areas present – it is never dull and just when you think you know what each day will hold, some new twist comes along to keep you on your toes.


Nestor Fernandez, P.E. - Roadway Design Engineer

I entered the EIT Program with the ITD in 1989. As an EIT, I was given the opportunity to get my career off to a running start with a combination of on-the-job training and challenging opportunities. For three years I rotated through various areas of the department from design and construction to maintenance and traffic. These rotations helped me to fully recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I faced real world challenges and was given the opportunity to see many of my assignments come to fruition. Furthermore, the program helped to identify my engineering specialty.

Throughout my EIT experience, I created friends, found mentors and became a better engineer. When it came time for my PE exam, I aced it. I truly believe this due to the comprehensive nature and training of the EIT program at the ITD. Since my PE exam, I have served with ITD as a Staff Engineer, the Local Roads Coordinator and Deign Engineer at District 3, as the Consultant Administration and Local Roads Engineer at Headquarters, the GARVEE Program Administrator, and now as the Roadway Design Engineer at Headquarters.

My success as an engineer has come from the quality education I obtained as an EIT and from the many friendships I have created throughout my career.


Greg Laragan, P.E. - Division of Highways Operations Assistant Chief Engineer

I entered the EIT program in 1974 after four summers working as an hourly at District 3 while I attended college. Although I started my EIT rotation in Headquarters in the Environmental and Corridor Planning Section writing environmental impact statements, the majority of my EIT tenure was spent in Lewiston where I had the opportunity to work on construction projects that included major structures and huge earthwork volumes.

Although I took a six year detour after earning my PE license to sample life as a consultant, many of the experiences I had as an EIT with ITD shaped my enjoyment of transportation engineering and eventually led me back to a long career with ITD. The assignments I had as an EIT in the district design, maintenance and traffic sections all proved to be valuable to me later in my career, as I became an Area Design Engineer in Roadway Design, then the Assistant Maintenance Engineer, the Assistant Traffic Engineer, the Traffic Engineer, the Assistant District Engineer for Operations at District 3, the Roadway Design Engineer and then on to my current position as Assistant Chief Engineer (Operations).


Marvin Fenn, P.E. - Resident Engineer, District 1

The EIT program was the only time in my 16 year career that allowed for so many diverse opportunities to work and train in the Department. I valued the Department´s EIT program allowing the EIT´s to rotate through different disciplines within the Department. The duties within the sections were allowed to be flexible permitting the EIT to observe with out pressure, jump in and get your hands dirty with the employees in that section and attend trainings all over the state. The EIT program not only introduced me to all the disciplines within the Department, but also provided a means to develop relationships with coworkers that turned into career long resources.


Tisha Hyde, E.I.T. - District 3

Hometown: Salmon, Idaho
College: Boise State University

I started in the EIT program at the Idaho Transportation Department in March 2005. I have enjoyed learning the various aspects of what goes into constructing and maintaining a safe, efficient transportation system, from public involvement and planning, to design and construction. The EIT program allows you to see how different disciplines come together to make a quality product for the public use. EIT´s have the opportunity to attend some great training courses and conferences throughout the state. The best part of the program is that you can tailor it to meet your individual needs and interests.


Justin Wuest, E.I.T. - District 1

Hometown: Coeur d´Alene, Idaho
College: University of Idaho

I started my EIT career with the Idaho Transportation Department in May of 2006. The Department does an exceptional job of making certain the EIT´s get all the training they would like. The training keeps me current with what’s new and allows me to learn from others mistakes or problems. It’s also nice to know that you’re not the only one going though the EIT program, and at anytime you can get help from others that may have gone through or may be going through the same things you are.