ITD requires a staff of highly talented engineers with a wealth of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the transportation engineering field. Therefore, the EIT Program is more important than ever to prepare our future engineers.

Phase 1 - District Assignment

This phase takes approximately three years to complete. The first assignment is generally to one of the Districts where the EIT gains experience in Construction, Materials, Design, Traffic, Environmental, Planning, Right-of-Way, and Maintenance. For a detailed description of each rotation assignment please refer to Section 6.0 of the EIT Manual.

*After two years of experience, the EIT is promoted to Associate Engineer.

Phase 2 - Headquarters Assignment

After completing the first phase of training, EIT's are usually transferred to Boise Headquarters for approximately eighteen months. In addition to further specialization in the Headquarters sections, (refer to Section 7.0 of the EIT manual for a detailed description of HQ rotation assignments) EIT's are introduced to administrative and managerial functions. Licensure as a professional engineer ends the second phase of training.

*After four years of experience, the EIT may take the PE examination.

Phase 3 - ITD Placement

After notification of passing results, the EIT is promoted into a Transportation Staff Engineer (TSE) position. Placement location is dependent on position availability, but the Department usually works with the EIT as much as possible for preference.

Mentor field trip to the Lake Creek Bridge construction site - Worley, ID