October 23-24, 2013


The Idaho Transportation Board met at 8:00 AM, on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, in Boise, Idaho. The following principals were present:

            Jerry Whitehead, Chairman

            Jim Coleman, Vice Chairman – District 1

            Janice B. Vassar, Member – District 2

            Julie DeLorenzo, Member – District 3

            Jim Kempton, Member – District 4

            Dwight Horsch, Member – District 5

            Lee Gagner, Member – District 6

            Brian W. Ness, Director

            Scott Stokes, Chief Deputy

Sue S. Higgins, Executive Assistant and Secretary to the Board


District 3 Tour. The Board traveled I-84 west, SH-55 north, and SH-44 west. Staff provided an overview on the Department’s first design-build project, SH-44 and Linder Road intersection. The Board viewed the SH-16, SH-44 to US-20/26 project under construction and then traveled north on SH-16.


The tour continued east on SH-52, with a briefing on a slide that closed the highway this past summer, and north on SH-55. At the Cascade Airport, the runway reconstruction project was viewed. Staff demonstrated the roving port of entry operation at the Cascade Maintenance Shed. In McCall, Midas Gold provided an overview on its operation. It is still in the exploratory and development phase at the Stibnite site east of McCall where gold and antimony will be mined. After a brief presentation on activities at the McCall Airport by Aeronautics Advisory Board Chairman Rodger Sorensen and Member Dan Scott, the tour officially ended. The majority of Board members returned to Boise via the state plane.


            WHEREUPON the tour recessed at 3:00 PM.



October 24, 2013


The Board reconvened at 8:30 AM on Thursday, October 24, 2013, in Boise, Idaho. All members were present. Lead Deputy Attorney General Larry Allen was also present.


Board Minutes. Member Vassar made a motion to approve the minutes of the special Board meeting held on September 9, 2013 and the minutes of the regular Board meeting held on September 18-19, 2013 as submitted. Vice Chairman Coleman seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Board Meeting Dates. The following meeting dates and locations were scheduled:

            November 20-21, 2013 – Boise

            December 11-12, 2013 – Boise

            January 15-16, 2014 – Boise


The Board also scheduled the District 6 Board tour and meeting on September 17 and 18, 2014. This will enable staff to work on logistics, as the plans include visiting Harriman State Park.


Consent Calendar. Member DeLorenzo made a motion, seconded by Member Vassar, and passed unopposed, to approve the following resolution:

RES. NO.        WHEREAS, consent calendar items are to be routine, non-controversial, self-

ITB13-56        explanatory items that can be approved in one motion, although the Idaho Transportation Board members have the prerogative to remove items from the consent calendar for questions or discussion.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board approves the adjustment to the FY14-18 Idaho Transportation Investment Program to accommodate FY13 end-of-year redistribution; Board Policy 4041, Sponsorship of Department Programs; proposed legislation for the 2014 session (D-14-005 – Commercial Drivers License Federal Program Requirements); and proposed legislation for the 2014 session (D-14-001 – Vehicle Title and Registration Clean Up Bill).


1) Adjust FY14-18 Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP) to Accommodate FY13 End-of-Year Redistribution. Staff requested the advance of I-90, Mullan to Montana State Line Westbound, key #12967 from FY15 to FY14; US-95, Lewiston Hill Southbound Lanes, key #12991 from FY16 to FY15; and US-95, Lewiston Hill Northbound Lanes, Nez Perce County, key #13435 from FY17 to FY15. This request is due to the advance of approximately $17 million of projects while closing out FY13.


2) Sponsorship of ITD Programs. Board Policy 4041, Sponsorship of Department Programs was presented for approval. The draft policy was submitted last month for review. It is generic in nature: encouraging seeking sponsorships of programs as appropriate.


3) Proposed Legislation – 2014 Session. Due to a change in the federal register, a revision to the definition for tank vehicle is being requested in proposed legislation for the 2014 session: D-14-005-Commercial Drivers License Federal Program Requirements, which was approved by the Board in September.


4) Proposed Legislation – 2014 Session. Staff determined additional changes were needed to make D-14-001-Vehicle Title and Registration Clean Up Bill accurate. The legislation was approved by the Board last month.


Informational Items. 1) ITD Annual Report. The draft Annual Report was submitted for review and comment. It needs to be submitted to the governor by December 1, or at such time as the governor requires. The document is to report on the condition, management, and financial transactions of the Department.


2) Annual Report on Performance Statistics on Contracts and Procurements. The Business and Support Management office issued 22,826 purchase orders in the amount of $85,277,470 in FY13. This was an increase from the previous year when 20,028 purchase orders totaled $50,166,840. A total of 216 informal bids and requests for quotation and 56 requests for proposal and invitation to bid were received in FY13 compared to 105 and 112, respectively in FY12. Fifty-four professional services agreements were processed for $1,687,913. This was about a 2% decrease in the number of agreements from the previous year; however, it was almost a 40% increase in dollar value. There were also 96 contracts in the amount of $10,340,230 in FY13 compared to 101 contracts for $8,554,500 in FY12. Eighty master agreements were issued in FY13 versus 66 the previous year. It was noted that ITD’s delegated authority for procurements was increased in the middle of FY12, which presumably resulted in anomalies.


3) Contract Awards. Key #12970 – I-90, etc., FY14 District 1 Districtwide Brooming. Low bidder: Aero Power-Vac Inc. – $200,063.


Key #8916 – I-90, Pinehurst Road Grade Separation, District 1. Low bidder: Wadsworth Brothers Construction Company, Inc. - $10,533,783.


Key #12933 – West Side Road/Lions Den, District 1. Low bidder: C. E. Kramer Crane and Contracting, Inc. - $160,701.


The low bid on key #12932 – Old US-2/Deep Creek Loop, District 1, was more than ten percent over the engineer’s estimate, requirement justification. The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) believes the lack of local bidders may have adversely impacted the bids. The major difference between the engineer’s estimate and the low bid was in the Removal of Bituminous Surface, Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt Paving including Asphalt and Additives, 18” Pipe Culvert, Manhole Type A, 4” Trench Drain, and Mobilization items. Small quantities may have contributed to higher bids, along with the unique geographic and complex nature of the project. Because it is a federal Emergency Relief project, resulting in some urgency, and LHTAC did not identify any discrepancies or irregularities in the bid, it recommended awarding the project. Low bidder: West Company Inc. - $316,464.


Keys #12867 and #12866 – I-84, Northside Boulevard Overpass Interchange #35, Nampa and Union Pacific Railroad East Lateral Canal Bridge, Nampa, District 3. Low bidder: Granite Construction Company - $4,051,979.


Key #12051 – Ola Highway; Brush Creek to Power Line Crossing, Gem County, District 3. Low bidder: Staker & Parson Companies dba Idaho Sand & Gravel Company - $1,528,293.


Key #12354 – SH-21, Lucky Peak High Bridge to Robie Creek Road, District 3. Low bidder: Staker & Parson Companies dba Idaho Sand & Gravel Company - $1,833,484.


Keys #9542 and #8700 – B Canal Bridge, Rupert and A Street; 9th Street to 100 North Rupert, District 4. Low bidder: Granite Excavation, Inc. - $4,569,915.


Key #11991 – Old Highway 81, South, Raft River Highway District, District 4. Low bidder: Knife River Corporation – Northwest - $2,530,375.


Key #10608 – Willow Creek Ferguson Lane Bridge, Bonneville County, District 6. Low bidder: Cannon Builders, Inc. - $475,212.


The low bid on key #12472 – Pancheri Bridge Over East Lateral Canal, Idaho Falls, District 6, was more than ten percent over the engineer’s estimate, requiring justification. The major differences in the prices were Concrete Class 40-A Schedule #1 and #2, Prestress Slab, and Mobilization items.  The concrete items were presumably bid higher due to increased demand along with the small quantities required. Mobilization may have been higher due to the nature of the staged construction, the project duration, and small quantities. Staff recommended awarding the project. Low bidder: Cannon Builders, Inc. – $649,371.


4) Professional Services Agreements and Term Agreement Work Task Report. From September 2 through September 30, 15 new professional services agreements and work tasks were processed, totaling $713,783. There were no supplemental agreements to existing agreements during this period.


Director’s Report. Director Ness informed the Board that the federal government reopened on October 17 after a 16-day partial shutdown. The Department will not need to implement the plan that the Board approved on October 15.


Director Ness announced the appointments of Char McArthur as the Department’s Chief Administrative Officer and Brenda Williams as the Chief Human Resource Officer. He also reported on various activities and meetings from the past month, including the second Leadership Summit that focused on customer service and the Department’s culture and the annual American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) conference. ITD received four awards at AASHTO for the development of the airport iPad application; the US-95, Sand Creek Byway project; the successful realignment of the Department; and the winter performance measuring system. He also mentioned other awards and recognitions the Department and employees received.


The Director’s entire report can be viewed at http://itd.idaho.gov/Board/report.htm.


Adopt-A-Highway Presentation (AAH). Member DeLorenzo presented awards to the Emmett Lions Club and Canyon County Sheriff Inmate Labor Detail for their participation in the AAH Program. The groups have been participating in the program for 22 and 15 years, respectively. She commended them for their valuable service and efforts to keep Idaho litter free.


Delegation – Valley Regional Transit (VRT). Kelli Fairless, VRT Executive Director, said part of VRT’s mission is to coordinate public transportation in Ada and Canyon Counties and leverage resources. Ridership increased this past year by approximately 5%. A number of capital improvements were made, such as bus shelters and park and ride sites. She stressed the importance of partnerships. One of those efforts is sharing vehicles. Some of the focus areas have been on serving veterans and providing children transportation to the Canyon County YMCA after school.


Member DeLorenzo and Chairman Whitehead commended Ms. Fairless for the improvements made to public transportation service in the area.


Public Transportation Update and I-way Leadership Award. District 3 Public Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC) Member Kathleen Simko also reported that transit ridership increased in District 3. Efforts are underway to identify each community’s unique needs, such as a bus or bicycle path, and how to meet those needs. Partnerships are vital to address mobility. She suggested there may be opportunities to partner with ITD to identify and develop sites for park and ride lots. She thanked the Board for its service and for its support of public transportation, noting that she will step down from PTAC when her term expires next year, after nine years of service.


Member Vassar and Chairman Whitehead thanked Ms. Simko for her service to the state and commended her for her leadership to address public transportation issues.


Ms. Simko presented the I-way Leadership Award to Michelle Groenevelt from the City of McCall. Ms. Simko commended Ms. Groenevelt’s leadership, communication, and efforts on the City’s comprehensive system of pathways.


Community Choices for Idaho Program Update. Ted Vanegas, Senior Transportation Planner (STP), reported on the Community Choices for Idaho Program. The Department received 89 initial applications for funding. After reviewing those, staff determined 64 met the requirements. The federal aid requested totaled over $14 million, while only $3.4 million is available. The majority of requests were to fund bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The Community Choices Committee reviewed and scored the applications. Staff intends to present the recommended projects for review and information next month and then seek Board approval in December. STP Vanegas commended the Committee for its efforts.


Chairman Whitehead thanked STP Vanegas for the presentation.


IPLAN Project – Phase One Completion. Program and Project Management Manager (2PMM) Erika Bowen and District 2 Traffic Engineer Jared Hopkins demonstrated IPLAN. They navigated through various features within some of the maps and illustrated layers of data available. 2PMM Bowen said the Districts have been involved in the development of IPLAN and with assuring the accuracy of the data.


Member Kempton believes IPLAN will be a valuable tool when the Board Subcommittee on 129,000 Pound Truck Routes considers routes. Chairman Whitehead thanked staff for the presentation and commended it for the progress that has been made on IPLAN.


Project Acceleration. Chief Engineer (CE) Tom Cole provided an update on efforts to accelerate projects. He noted that advance construction is one tool available to expedite project construction. Staff will consider construction issues such as limited opportunities to work in or near waterways when determining if a project should be accelerated and when it should be advertised for bid. The intent is to start advertising federally funded projects three to five months prior to the start of the fiscal year because it takes about 160 days after the project is bid before the first payment is made.


Some of the steps to accelerate projects are to ensure projects are ready and timing the advertisement appropriately. The intent is to have all of the projects ready for advertising in January prior to the start of the fiscal year and to have the Program fully awarded by the middle of that fiscal year. Projects would be advertised on a staggered basis. In response to Member Gagner’s question, CE Cole responded that there may be an opportunity to save money through better bids. The proposal would result in contractors being able to perform some activities in winter, reducing down time.


Chairman Whitehead left the meeting at this time. Vice Chairman Coleman presided.


Controller Tolman elaborated on the fiscal aspects. Federal projects advertised in advance of the fiscal year will use advance construction, which requires Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval. The advance of state funded projects will be based on the state approved appropriation. No federal contract awards will be made in advance when there is no federal highway act authorizing program funding.  Federal projects awarded before the beginning of the fiscal year will be within Board limitation and based on the cash requirements from the project scheduling system and the impact of current cash requirements. Staff will report to the Board monthly on all projects that have contract awards based on advance construction prior to the start of the federal fiscal year. Staff will also monitor the daily cash flow and report to the Board on the cash flow plan versus the actual cash on hand.


Highway Safety Update. Highway Safety Manager (HSM) Brent Jennings said the purpose of the Positive Community Norms pilot project is to eliminate impaired driving by fostering bystander engagement. The project is being conducted in Blackfoot, Lewiston, and Twin Falls, with the rest of the state a comparison group. If the project is successful, it will be expanded statewide. Numerous communication tools are being utilized. Surveys were conducted before the pilot project began and will be completed at the end of the project to determine changes in the public’s awareness and beliefs related to impaired driving. Changes in the number of citizens reporting impaired driving are also being tracked. HSM Jennings commended the Department’s partners with this effort, especially Idaho State Police.


Program Manager Lisa Losness summarized the Idaho Highway Safety Coalition’s efforts to achieve the goal of zero deaths. Coalition members will deliver highway safety presentations to various groups. Training for the members has been developed. Toolkits targeting specific audiences will be provided. The next step is for coalition members to develop their own presentation. The Office of Highway Safety will provide support.


Vice Chairman Coleman thanked staff for the presentation and for their efforts on this important issue.


Monthly Financial Statements. Transportation Investments Manager John Krause said the funding level for FY13 was $354,300,000. The total includes an additional $12,400,000 in redistribution of federal funds offset by a reduction of $15,700,000 to adjust for overestimates made at the beginning of the year regarding state forces, High Priority funds, and indirect costs. With $21,600,000 obligated and $4,800,000 de-obligated during September, net obligations for the month totaled $16,800,000. Net cumulative obligations year-to-date through September totaled $353,500,000.


FHWA Indirect Cost Allocation revenue was $6,603,473 in August. This exceeded the projected revenue by 21%. Miscellaneous revenue was $5,708,227, which was a 10.4% negative variance. Highway Distribution Account revenue, excluding ethanol exemption elimination, was $29,052,028, or 2.9% below the forecast.  Revenue from the ethanol exemption elimination was $2,688,446, which was 0.5% over the projected amount.


Revenue to the State Aeronautics Fund from aviation fuels was $350,142, resulting in a 35% positive variance. Miscellaneous revenue to this account was $87,190, which was a 31% positive variance.


Fiber Management Program. Information Technology Administrator Shannon Barnes said ITD has an extensive broadband network throughout the state: not only at Headquarters and the 6 district offices, but also at 91 maintenance sheds, 105 county Division of Motor Vehicles offices, ports of entry, and 230 intelligent transportation devices like cameras and messaging signs. The Department has agreements with private and public partners, with varying services, costs, and responsibilities. Efforts are underway to leverage ITD’s right-of-way and construction projects to reduce communications costs, prepare to meet future business needs, and support economic development through the expansion of broadband in the state. Consideration will be given to placing conduit during construction of highway projects.


Jake Duplessie, Enterprise Technology Services Project Manager, elaborated on some of the projects. Collaboration with the Nez Perce Tribe in District 2 resulted in 16 miles of ITD fiber along US-95. The shared infrastructure helped both entities expand service. Along with constructing a new interchange on US-20 in District 6, there is an opportunity to establish 10 miles of communications infrastructure that can be leveraged for an additional 20 miles. This public-private partnership supports economic development by expanding broadband availability and increasing business opportunities with no maintenance or operations costs to ITD.


Vice Chairman Coleman believes the fiber management program may be a potential revenue source. He also suggested there may be an opportunity to partner with the Department of Education on its initiative to place computers in every school. He thanked staff for the information.


Chairman Whitehead returned to the meeting at this time.


Delegation – City of Caldwell. Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas said US-20/26 was widened near the airport recently at City expense. The project was undertaken to enhance economic opportunities in the area. It also resulted in improved safety. Mayor Nancolas believes widening the highway east to Middleton Road would provide additional economic opportunities. The City of Caldwell is willing to fund the project initially if the Department would pay back the City for those expenditures. In addition to enhancing economic development, he believes safety would also be improved.


District 3 Engineer (DE) Dave Jones said the Department is aware of the desire to widen US-20/26. The Board Subcommittee on State Highway System Adjustments has discussed this issue, as there may be an opportunity to relinquish mileage to the City of Caldwell in conjunction with a project on US-20/26. The project is in Early Development with an estimated construction cost of $12 million.


Mayor Nancolas concurred that the City is receptive to assuming jurisdiction of the I-84 Business route if ITD would widen US-20/26.


The consensus of the Board was to pursue this proposal. It expressed appreciation for the City of Caldwell’s partnership and initiative to improve the transportation system. There was also a suggestion to explore Sales Tax Anticipated Revenue (STARS) as a funding mechanism.


District 3 Report. DE Jones reported on various activities in the District. Some of the safety accomplishments included slope improvements on I-84 to expand the recovery zone and safety audits on SH-16 and SH-51 to identify improvements to enhance safety on those routes. The avalanche program on SH-21 improves mobility by reducing road closures. Another mobility project widened two shoulders on US-95 to accommodate longer trucks. A living snow fence along US-20 was a result of a partnership and staff’s innovation. DE Jones also recognized Richard Peryer and Ken Couch for obtaining the highest winter maintenance index at ITD.


Member DeLorenzo commended DE Jones for his leadership. Chairman Whitehead thanked DE Jones for the report and for his service.


Policy Review. Project Manager Bill Statham summarized Board Policy 4037, Aeronautical Activities, formerly B-27-07. Language to provide assistance with land use issues was added due to requirements of Idaho Code relating to hazards. The Federal Aviation Administration also requires protection of airports for NPIAS airports. The intent is for staff to provide assistance and education with land use planning issues.


Member Kempton proposed minor revisions to 4037 and then made a motion to approve Board Policy 4037, Aeronautical Activities. Member Vassar seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Policy Introduction. Transportation Performance Administrator Randy Kyrias proposed changes to Board Policy 4038, Public Transportation Program, formerly B-28-01 and Board Policy 4039, Public Transportation Advisory Council, formerly B-28-02.


Member Kempton reported that minor, non-substantive changes were made to Board Policy 4040, Dealer Advisory Board Activities, formerly B-30-01.


Member DeLorenzo made a motion to approve Board Policy 4040, Dealer Advisory Board Activities. Member Gagner seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Member Kempton said the only change to Board Policy 4042, Trucking Advisory Council, formerly B-30-04, was the inclusion of a purpose statement and the legal authority.


Member Vassar made a motion to approve Board Policy 4042, Trucking Advisory Council. Member Horsch seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Member Kempton summarized the minor revisions to Board Policy 4043, Coordination with the Idaho Traffic Safety Commission, formerly B-38-01.


Vice Chairman Coleman made a motion to approve Board Policy 4043, Coordination with the Idaho Traffic Safety Commission. Member Vassar seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Some discussion was held on revisions to stand-alone administrative policies. The consensus was to present those policies to the Board for its review and information.


Executive Session on Personnel and Legal Issues. Member Gagner made a motion to meet in executive session at 2:45 PM to discuss personnel and legal issues as authorized in Idaho Code Section 67-2345(a), (b), and (f). Member Vassar seconded the motion and it passed 6-0 by individual roll call vote.


Discussions were held on personnel and legal matters.


The Board came out of executive session at 4:45 PM.


New Business. The Board recognized Highways Operations Engineer Greg Laragan for his extensive service to ITD and congratulated him on his upcoming retirement.


Government Affairs Manager Mollie McCarty said the Board-approved draft legislation for the 2014 session was submitted to the Division of Financial Management. Minor revisions have been recommended to the commercial driver’s license and ignition interlock system proposals.


Member Vassar made a motion, seconded by Member Gagner, and passed unopposed, to approve the following resolution:

RES. NO.        WHEREAS, the Office of the Governor of Idaho has requested that state

ITB13-57        agencies submit proposed 2014 legislation to the Idaho Division of Financial Management for review and approval; and


WHEREAS, the Idaho Transportation Board, at the September 2013 meeting, reviewed and approved draft legislation; and


WHEREAS, the Idaho Division of Financial Management approved draft legislation submitted; and


WHEREAS, the Office of the Governor of Idaho has requested the separation of one legislation proposal for Commercial Driver’s License into two draft legislation proposals: one identifying state requirements; and one identifying federal requirements; and


WHEREAS, the Office of the Governor of Idaho has requested additional language be added to the Statement of Purpose on Ignition Interlock requirements.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board approves revisions to the following legislative proposals for submittal to the Idaho Division of Financial Management for its consideration.

·         Commercial Driver’s License State Program Requirements

·         Commercial Driver’s License Federal Program Requirements

·         Amend Ignition Interlock Information in Title 18, Idaho Code



            WHEREUPON, the Idaho Transportation Board’s regular monthly meeting officially adjourned at 5:00 PM.




Idaho Transportation Board

Read and Approved

November 20, 2013

Boise, Idaho