Chairman's Message

The Idaho Transportation Board is a seven-member panel of citizens appointed by the Idaho Governor and confirmed by the Idaho Senate. The transportation board is vested with authority, control, supervision and administration of the Idaho Transportation Department.

One of the critical roles of the board is to select and fund statewide transportation projects. Improving and maintaining Idaho’s infrastructure is a key component of Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter’s vision to strengthen and diversify the state’s economy through his Project 60 initiative. Project 60 is a plan to grow Idaho’s gross domestic product and services to the world. Without a strong, efficient transportation system, this will not be possible.

The Idaho Transportation Department recognizes the link between the state’s economy and transportation investments. Our goal is to provide a mobility-focused transportation system that drives economic opportunity.

Transportation department staff is recommending and the board will now select projects based on engineering, safety and economic analyses. The goal is to increase the safety and efficiency of how people travel and goods are transported, generate jobs and business revenue and grow Idaho’s gross domestic product. Although the economy is a vital component of the department’s efforts, safety will not be compromised for economic opportunity.

My personal goal, as board chairman and a business owner, is to give good strategic guidance to the department and make sure it provides outstanding customer service, with economic opportunity as the foundation.

As we help shape the future of transportation in Idaho, we rely on input from citizens, nearly a dozen transportation advisory boards,state legislators, regulators, other government agencies, and the Governor.Ultimately, the transportation system belongs to the citizens of Idaho and travelers who depend on it to carry them safely from place to place.

Jerry Whitehead
Idaho Transportation Board