Regular Meeting and District 5 Tour

 of the Idaho Transportation Board


May 22-23, 2013



May 22, 2013



                         DISTRICT 5 TOUR

8:10                         Depart Best Western Cotton Tree Inn, 1415 Bench Road, Pocatello

8:30                         Arrive at Pocatello Airport, Av Center; pick up passengers

8:40                         Depart Pocatello Airport, I-86 east, I-15 south, and SH-36 east

10:25                       Arrive Preston, meet with city officials

10:45                       Depart Preston, SH-34 north and US-30 west

12:15                       Arrive Lava Hot Springs, lunch at Baker Ranch

2:00                         Depart Lava Hot Springs, US-30 west, I-15 north, I-86 west

3:00                         Arrive Chubbuck; tour interchange project

3:45                         Meet with Chubbuck city officials

4:15                         Depart Chubbuck

4:30                         Arrive Best Western Cotton Tree Inn, Pocatello, tour ends



May 23, 2013

Idaho State University

Pond Student Union Building

Little Wood Conference Room

South 8th Street

Pocatello, Idaho



8:00                 BOARD MINUTES – April 9-10, 2013

                                                             - April 18, 2013


                         BOARD MEETING DATES

June 18-19, 2013 – Boise

July 10-11, 2013 – District 6

August 14-15, 2013 – District 4


                         CONSENT CALENDAR

                                FY14 Out-of-State Travel

                                 Local Highway Technical Assistance Council – Surface Transportation

                                     Program (STP) Local Urban Program changes in FY15

                                Increase federal-aid limit on STP-Enhancement local project

                                 Delay West Pedestrian Bridge, Garden City from FY13 to FY14

                                 Add two National Summer Transportation Institute Discretionary

                                     Grants to FY13

                                Remove/add High Priority SAFETEA-LU projects in FY14

                                Delay Cheney Drive; Washington Street to North College Road,

                                     College of Southern Idaho to FY14

                                 State FY13 program adjustments to utilize balance of State Funds

                                 Contract award information

                                Professional services agreements and term agreement work task report

                                IPLAN project monthly status update


8:05                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT


8:35                 ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY PRESENTATION: JR Simplot Company


                         AGENDA ITEMS

8:40                         Public Transportation Advisory Council annual update and

                                     I-way leadership award

8:55                         Freight Advisory Committee nominations

9:05                         Statewide Scenic Byway Advisory Committee update

9:15                         Statewide Freight and Passenger Rail Plan

9:25                         FY14-17 Strategic Plan for the Division of Financial Management

9:30                         Community Choices for Idaho/Transportation Alternatives Program


9:50                 BREAK


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

10:05                       Alternative project delivery presentation

10:45                       Highway Safety Performance Plan presentation

10:55                       Forest Highway Program vs. Federal Lands Access Program

11:10                       Timeline delivery of projects and advancing projects

11:40                       Advance I-84, Eisenman Interchange to Milepost 70 Eastbound and West-

                                     bound Restoration projects from State FY14/15 to Federal FY13

11:45                       Add US-95, Anderson Corner Improvements to State FY13 of the Board

                                     Uncallocated Program

11:50                       Add US-91, Shelley North City Limits to York Road to the Early Development Program


11:55               DISTRICT 5 REPORT




12:10               EXECUTIVE SESSION (working lunch)

                                PERSONNEL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(a),(b)]

                                LEGAL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(c),(d),(f)]


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

2:00                         Federal formula highway funding to local public agencies/ Programmatic Investment Policy

2:25                         Monthly Financial Statements

2:35                         Service contracts issued by Business and Support Management

2:45                         Enterprise Technology Services – services and innovations

3:15                         Administrative rule options – 129,000 pound trucks/routes


3:30                 POLICY REVIEW/APPROVAL

                                Board Policy 4016, Traffic Regulation (formerly B-12-03, Traffic Minute Entries)

                                          Administrative Policy 5016, Traffic Regulation

                                delete B-12-06, Transportation Impact Studies

                                delete B-12-07, State Highway Speed Limits within City Jurisdictions

                                          A-12-07, State Highway Speed Limits within City Jurisdictions

                                delete B-12-16, Traffic Control Devices (incorporated into 4016)

                                          A-12-16, Traffic Control Devices


3:40                 POLICY INTRODUCTION

                                Board Policy 4018, Personnel Actions (formerly B-18-02)

                                Board Policy 4020, Employee Education and Training (B-18-06)

                                     Corresponding Administrative Policy 5020

                                Board Policy 4021, Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Personal Conduct

                                                 (formerly B-18-03)

                                     Corresponding Administrative Policy 5021

                                Board Policy 4022, Workplace Investigations (new policy)

                                     Corresponding Administrative Policy 5022

                                Administrative Policy 5505, Operating State-Owned Vehicles



                                Revised charter

                                Proposed Board Policy, Office of Internal Review

                                Current Administrative Policy A-01-05, Office of Internal Review


4:05                 OLD/NEW BUSINESS

                                establishment of a Board Subcommittee on 129,000 Pound Routes


4:15                 ADJOURN (estimated time)



*All listed times are estimates only. The board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust the time schedule.